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Why Choose Vivacity?

Unlocking Your RTO’s Full Potential with Expert Guidance and Comprehensive Support

Expertise in VET Compliance

With over 30 years of experience in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, Vivacity offers unparalleled expertise in ensuring your RTO meets and exceeds compliance standards.

Tailored Consulting Services

Our bespoke consulting services are designed to address your specific needs, providing you with practical solutions that drive growth and operational excellence.

Innovative Training Solutions

Our workshops and webinars are crafted to enhance your staff’s skills and knowledge, ensuring they are equipped to meet the evolving demands of the VET sector.

Comprehensive Support Services

From administrative tasks to project management, our services are designed to streamline your operations, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best—delivering exceptional training.


RTO Superhero Membership

Unleash the Full Potential of Your RTO Team

Step into the world of our RTO Superhero Membership, where every aspect of your RTO – from compliance mastery to dynamic business growth – is not just supported but supercharged. This comprehensive package equips your entire team, from trainers and assessors to CEOs, with an arsenal of resources. Delve into exclusive training modules, engage in lively events, benefit from annual audits, and leverage top-notch assessment validation services. More than this, gain strategic insights that are tailored to catapult your business into new realms of success. It’s not just a membership; it’s your RTO’s secret weapon for triumph in the training sector!

Sidekick Membership

Transform Your RTO Role with Our Online Excellence Hub

Tailored for everyone from Trainers and Assessors to Compliance Officers and CEOs, the Sidekick Membership is your dynamic partner in the RTO landscape. This membership unveils a rich array of online Professional Development tools, encompassing engaging webinars, interactive workshops, and a wealth of downloadable resources like templates and guides. It’s crafted to enhance your skills, keep you ahead in compliance savvy, and empower you to become the RTO superhero you’re destined to be. Join us in this journey of continuous growth and professional empowerment!

SystemsCheck Audit

Navigate ASQA Re-Registration with Confidence and Expertise

Preparing for your next ASQA re-registration? Our SystemsCheck Audit is your guiding light. This thorough audit delves into the heart of your RTO’s operations, illuminating areas of compliance excellence and pinpointing where our superhero expertise can make a world of difference. It’s more than an audit; it’s a strategic roadmap, offering clarity and confidence as you journey towards a successful ASQA re-registration. Let us empower you with the insights and support you need to excel in this crucial process.

Assessment Validation:

Ensure Excellence in Compliance, Not Just Conformity

Concerned about how your assessment tools stack up in an audit? With Vivacity’s Assessment Validation services, there’s no need to rely on guesswork. We offer an in-depth review to confirm that your assessments are not only compliant but also set the benchmark for industry standards. This service isn’t just about meeting requirements; it’s about surpassing them, providing you with the assurance and excellence you need to approach any audit with confidence.

Register Your RTO/CRICOS

Embark on Your RTO Venture with Unmatched Expertise

Aspiring to launch your own RTO or CRICOS organisation? Begin your journey with the assurance of Vivacity’s unparalleled guidance. Our team, renowned for their professional expertise and dedication to quality, will lead you through each phase of the registration process. From meticulous handling of initial paperwork to achieving thorough compliance, we’re here to simplify the complexities. Partner with us, and focus your energies on shaping a thriving and exemplary educational institution.

Addition to Scope

Expand Your RTO’s Horizons with Expertise and Assurance

Ready to enhance your RTO’s course offerings? Our Addition to Scope services are the key to unlocking a smooth, compliant expansion. With Vivacity’s blend of professional expertise and commitment to quality, we’ll navigate you through the regulatory intricacies, ensuring your new training products not only meet but exceed industry standards. Trust us to transform this process into an empowering experience, paving the way for your RTO to flourish with new and innovative courses.
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Feeling Stuck in the RTO Universe?

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your RTO?

Join us for our next “8 Critical Drivers to RTO Success Masterclass” and unlock the superpowers you never knew your RTO had! We’ll reveal game-changing strategies that will help you grow and scale your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Our Clients

We've Helped More Than 500 RTOs, Just Like Yours, to Achieve Massive Success

“The Vivacity team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We recently added a course to scope and with Amanda’s experience, expertise and guidance we felt prepared. The team was extremely helpful through the process and We launched our newest course with complete confidence.”
Kylie Jordan
Programs Coordinator
“Compliance has never been so clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend Vivacity “
Simone Rennocks
Australian Quality Training Institute
“I cannot recommend this business more highly. Their membership is outstanding, they freely give help, training and information. They went above and beyond to help my business keep up to date and compliant at all times. Thanks to the Vivacity team.”
Christine Chittenden
Transformational Institute

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