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Amanda Starkey: A Dynamo in Compliance and Innovation

Operations Manager

Amanda Starkey’s name is synonymous with excellence, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of success in the VET sector. As the Operations Manager at Vivacity, Amanda’s influence extends far beyond mere management; she’s a dynamo in compliance, consulting, and the implementation of innovative systems.

Since 2010, Amanda has been a driving force in the VET sector, directly involved in the initial registration of over 30 RTOs and working with over 150 clients on varying projects. Her extensive audit and assessment writing experience has positioned her as a thought leader in the field, guiding clients through the complex landscape of compliance.

But what truly sets Amanda apart is her passion for innovation. Her commitment to implementing cutting-edge systems at Vivacity ensures that clients receive a timely and customer-focused approach to the achievement of packages. Her vision is not just about compliance; it’s about efficiency, excellence, and client satisfaction.

Amanda’s legacy is not just in the businesses she has helped grow but in the lives she has touched and the industry she continues to shape. Her contributions to Vivacity and the broader VET sector resonate with those seeking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of compliance and innovation.

And when she’s not helping clients, you’ll likely find Amanda on the soccer field or chasing after her young son. Her zest for life and love for sports reflects a holistic approach to success, one that balances work, play, and family.

Amanda Starkey is not just an operations manager; she’s a mentor, an innovator, and a trailblazer. Her contributions to Vivacity and the VET sector continue to inspire and shape the future of compliance and innovation.