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Bonnie Crawley: The Heart of Client Happiness at Vivacity

Administration Assistant

Bonnie Crawley is more than just an Administration Assistant at Vivacity; she’s the heart and soul of client happiness, dedicated to nurturing relationships and providing seamless support. Her journey at Vivacity began in 2012, and since then, she has blossomed into a vital member of the team, with a passion for client relationships and a knack for making people laugh.

Bonnie’s professional growth is a testament to her dedication and eagerness to learn. She has acquired Certificate II in Business as well as Certificate III & IV in Business Administration. This educational foundation, coupled with her experience in varying roles, has equipped Bonnie with a solid understanding of the VET industry and Vivacity’s services.

But what truly sets Bonnie apart is her ability to build strong relationships and provide seamless communication with clients. Whether it’s administrative tasks, calendar management, document development and review, assistance with package progression, or just a friendly chat, Bonnie is always there to support in any way possible, usually with a laugh along the way.

Her collaboration with the Client Happiness Team reflects a holistic approach to client support, one that balances professionalism with warmth and empathy.

Outside of work, Bonnie’s adventurous spirit shines through. Whether it’s adventuring with her young family, pottering in the garden, or going on bush walks with her German Shepherd, Alfie, Bonnie’s zest for life resonates in everything she does.

Bonnie Crawley is not just an administration assistant; she’s a mentor, a friend, and a beacon of client happiness. Her contributions to Vivacity continue to inspire and shape the way clients are supported and valued.

Her legacy is not just in the businesses she has helped grow but in the lives she has touched, the relationships she has nurtured, and the joy she continues to spread.

With a commitment to excellence and a heart full of compassion, Bonnie Crawley stands as a symbol of what client support should be: personal, professional, and filled with joy.