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Samantha Holtham: A Compassionate Compliance Officer with a Heart for Community

Client Liason Officer

Samantha “Sam” Holtham’s journey is a rich tapestry of compassion, dedication, and expertise. As a Client Liaison Officer at Vivacity, Sam’s influence reaches far beyond mere compliance; she’s a guiding force in the world of VET, with a heart for community services and a keen interest in compliance processes.

Sam’s background in community services, particularly in child protection and education support, has shaped her into a compassionate and empathetic professional. Her work with children, ranging from 0 to 6 years old, and supporting students with learning difficulties, disabilities, and language impairments from Kindy to Year 12, reflects a deep commitment to making a difference.

Her transition into the world of VET began in 2008 with her first TAA qualification. By 2011, Sam had moved into the role of Trainer/Assessor, eventually becoming the Senior Lecturer for the Community Services branch of a not-for-profit RTO. Her qualifications include the Cert IV and Diplomas of TAE in VET and development and design.

But what truly sets Sam apart is her passion for compliance and professional development. For 7 years, she held the role of Compliance Officer, maintaining a trainer assessor role and training the Cert IV TAE qualification. Her move to Vivacity marked a new chapter in her career, where she continues to enjoy the challenge of working with clients to achieve their compliance requirements.

Samantha Holtham is not just a client liaison officer; she’s a mentor, a visionary, and a compassionate advocate for community services. Her contributions to Vivacity and the broader industry continue to inspire and shape the future of compliance and VET.

Her legacy is not just in the businesses she has helped grow but in the lives she has touched, the minds she has inspired, and the communities she continues to uplift.

With a zest for challenges and a commitment to growth, Samantha Holtham stands as a beacon of innovation, leadership, and compassion in the world of compliance and community services.