Season 2, Episode 22

Angela Becomes a Guest on her Own Show

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Podcast, RSS Feed

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About This Episode

The roles are reversed on this episode of RTO Superhero. This time it was up to me to answer some great questions from Paul Dunn, co-founder of B1G1 (Buy One Give One). It was awesome to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on the industry and exactly what drove me to be where I am today. I’ll also give you a heads up on some of the key reforms coming up in the RTO industry… listen up and make sure you’re ready for them!

In this episode you will learn:

  • How the name Vivacity came about
  • How Vivacity has evolved
  • The importance of creating a culture of compliance
  • ”Mastermind” group coaching
  • How I reacted quickly to COVID
  • The VET reform explained
  • How the industry is coming back from over-regulation
  • The difference between accredited and non-accredited training
  • When you need to be accredited
  • Why you might benefit from a strategic planning retreat
  • My ‘Why’

About Paul Dunn

Over the last four decades, Paul Dunn has worked with over 150,000 businesses. He has mentored thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs and delivered keynote presentations at countless events including 4  TEDx events.

Paul believes that businesses with a real sense of purpose really do change our world. With this belief, Paul co-founded the B1G1 initiative in 2007. Now, B1G1 is now used by thousands of businesses right around the world, shifting the very spirit of those businesses.

And they integrate that same B1G1 ‘spirit’ right into the heart and core of too.

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