Are you thinking of Starting an RTO?

To begin you will need to start with your Strategic Business Plan, which is a requirement by ASQA, but also a very good way to identify everything you need for starting your new business. We coach our clients on this and offer a strategy session to brainstorm what you are wanting from your RTO.

From the business plan you would have taken the first steps in researching your training products and industry consultation for your Training and Assessment Strategies, this is also a major part of your audit with ASQA. The TAS is where the highest amount of non-compliance’s are found at audit, so this is where your focus should go. Getting your TAS right from the beginning will make the whole process so much easier.

Next is to work on your Delivery and Assessment Plan, a detailed plan of how you will deliver in accordance with the Training Package requirements, including all resources and how you will deliver.

Next is your Staff Matrix’s, which is where you identify the skills, knowledge and experience of your trainers and Assessors against the training product, which demonstrates they have sufficient skills and knowledge to deliver the training product.

From there it is ensuring you have all the Policies, Procedures and Documentation in place that is compliant with the Standards for RTOs. This is a tricky one, as the Standards are being re-written as I type and the draft is to be released in August, so you will need to keep on top of the changes and be prepared to be compliant with the new standards.

Next is the Financial Viability Risk Assessment, which is where you demonstrate you are financially viable to run an RTO for the next three years at least.

Finally is your submission to ASQA, whereby you need to complete a Self Assessment, a form to be completed for ASQA. This form includes everything that is required for your application.

Then if you pass that stage, you then move onto the ASQA Audit.

OR you hire an expert, who has extensive experience and all the documentation already in place that has been audit tested, with over 30 years experience in the training industry and have helped 300+ RTOs with their registration requirements.

There is so much more involved with starting an RTO than most other businesses, which is why we specialise in what we do.

Learn more about how to start an RTO with our “How to Launch an RTO” training: