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Become an RTO with Vivacity’s KickStart Package!

Comprehensive Support, Proven Success – Your Ultimate Partner in Achieving RTO Excellence!

Welcome to the Vivacity KickStart Package!

Are you ready to become the superhero of the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) world? Our KickStart Package is designed to be your ultimate sidekick, guiding you through every step with the power and expertise you need to conquer the challenges of starting an RTO.

What makes us unique

Why Choose Vivacity?

Proven Success

100% of our applications have been approved, with over 400 successful ASQA audits.

Comprehensive Support

From initial application to ongoing compliance, we are with you every step of the way.

Dedicated Team

A passionate team committed to your success with personalised coaching and consultation tailored to your specific needs.

Unique Membership

Online and live training in compliance and business growth, continuous access to professional development resources, and monthly mastermind sessions.

Compliance Documentation

Our KickStart Package offers comprehensive compliance documentation to ensure your RTO meets all regulatory standards. We provide tailored policies, procedures, and forms designed specifically to align with the Standards for RTOs. Additionally, we develop detailed Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) documents for your initial scope of registration. To ensure you are fully prepared for audits, we conduct mock audits and provide self-assessment tools, guaranteeing that your RTO is audit-ready and compliant with all necessary regulations.

Strategic Business Planning

Effective business planning is crucial for the success of your RTO. Our strategic planning workshop is designed to help you develop a robust business plan that meets ASQA requirements and sets a strong foundation for your RTO. We offer market analysis guidance to help you understand your target market and industry demand. Furthermore, our comprehensive business plan template includes step-by-step instructions and training through our portal, ensuring you create a well-structured and strategic business plan.

Ongoing Compliance Support

With our ongoing support, you are never alone on your journey to becoming an RTO. We offer weekly progress sessions with your dedicated Client Success Champion (CSC) to keep you on track and address any challenges you may face. Additionally, we host monthly webinars that cover the latest industry trends and compliance updates, providing you with valuable insights and knowledge. Our team of experts is always available for continuous support, ensuring you have access to the advice and guidance needed for sustained success.

Your RTO Branding Pack

Establish a strong and professional brand identity with our comprehensive Brand Pack. We provide professional logo design services to create a unique and representative logo for your RTO. Additionally, we develop a user-friendly 10-page website that effectively showcases your RTO's offerings and engages potential students. Our Brand Pack also includes a comprehensive brand guide, detailing your brand’s visual and messaging standards, and professionally designed social media marketing images to boost your online presence and attract more students.

Administration Services

Our administration services ensure that your RTO is set up for success from the start. We support you in selecting and implementing the right Student Management System (SMS) or Learning Management System (LMS) to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide guidance on obtaining necessary insurance coverage, including Public Liability and Professional Indemnity, ensuring that all administrative aspects of your RTO are efficiently managed and compliant with regulatory standards.

KickStart Package Levels

GOLD: High-level RTO experience
RUBY: Moderate RTO experience
SAPPHIRE: Some RTO experience
DIAMOND: Minimal RTO experience

Ready to Become an RTO?

Take the first step towards becoming a leading RTO with Vivacity’s KickStart Package. Our proven approach and comprehensive support will guide you through every stage of the process, ensuring your success.
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