5 Critical Aspects of a TAS

When was the last time you updated your TAS?
Was it only updated due to an ASQA Audit?

Would your Training and Assessment Strategy be compliant?

The Training and Assessment Strategy is the most important document within your RTO, but often the most non-compliant.

Ensuring that your TAS truly reflects how you conduct your training and assessment is crucial for your organisation, it sets the standard for education for your RTO, your Trainers and your Clients. It is like a business plan for your training, that should be updated at least annually, to truly reflect the training that you deliver.

Learn not only the importance of the TAS, but how to write an effective TAS, that means something more than just an audit document. This TAS Course covers the five critical aspects of your Training and Assessment Strategy, including what you must have in your TAS to be compliant.

In this this course you will discover the 5 critical aspects of your Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS). Also discover:

Whether your RTO is conducting effective industry consultation

Are your trainers demonstrating sufficient skills and knowledge

Clarity about identifying your target market and their existing skills and knowledge

Identify the key components that need to be included within your Staff Matrix

Learn the 5 Critical Aspects of your TAS

Do You Need More?

Do you have a good TAS template? I TAS template has been through over 300 ASQA Audits and includes what you need to ensure your TAS is compliant. For more information go to: https://vivacity.com.au/product/tas-template/


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"It felt like dark glasses had been removed, and I now feel confident in ensuring that our training materials and processes are compliant."

Sharon Linke ~ Manager, Learning & Development, CFA Training

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