Audit Ready

Life is too short to lose sleep over an ASQA Audit


Because Compliance is Hard Work, Bring in a Heavy Lifting Superhero

Be audit ready with Vivacity.
Learn what you need to get compliant and stay compliant.

The Standards change and our environment changes, are you ready?

How do you keep up with all the changes?

Are your systems up-to-date?

Would you survive an audit from ASQA today?

Because compliance is the bedrock of an RTO’s success, this course gives you critical information and tools to keep your business flying.

Meet an experienced auditor, who takes you through every Standard, and what compliance means for you.

Learn to implement a continuous improvement approach with:

  • The types of evidence ASQA need for you to demonstrate compliance against each of the Standards
  • How you develop a Training and Assessment Strategy, and what ASQA requires of Training and Assessment Strategies
  • Simple strategies for compliance to implement now
  • Techniques you can use to manage your continuous improvement
  • Learn strategies for consulting with your industry effectively
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