5 Steps to RTO Success

You run a compliant RTO, but now what?

Discover Your 5 Steps to RTO Success

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This intensive 6-week online course reveals secrets that will build your RTO as a business and as a success. Know your mission. Know your mind. And know that Vivacity’s experts are showing you the way.

Learn proven and practical techniques that deliver.

Manage your finances. Access government funding. Manage your team. Manage your mindset. Grow your business.

Operating an RTO is about more than being compliant.

It’s also about being a business in a big market teeming with challenges, regulatory frameworks and roadblocks.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Do you want to accelerate growth? Do you want to achieve peak performance across all areas of the business?

Developed specifically for the conditions that your RTO faces, this course is for those who feel tempted to raise themselves to another level.

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For those seeking to go beyond, we offer a Full Due Diligence Package, complete with transfer of ownership assistance, internal audits, and ASQA audit coaching. 

Sandy Zakoc ~ RTO Manager, TraYn Pty Ltd
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