8 Critical Drivers to RTO Success

Get strategic within your RTO, attract more students, grow and scale your business by mastering the 8 Critical Drivers that can transform your RTO Success

Because RTO Compliance is Hard Work, Bring in a Heavy Lifting Superhero

The Standards change and our environment changes, are you ready?

Would you survive an audit from ASQA today?

Because compliance is the bedrock of an RTO’s success, this workshop gives you critical information and tools to keep your business flying.

Meet an experienced auditor, who takes you through every Standard, and what compliance means for you and your RTO.

Second Wednesday of each Month

Each month we cover one of the 8 Critical Drivers to RTO Success

  • Marketing + Sales
    How to market your RTO in a competitive market and rise above the rest.
  • Leadership + Team Strategies
    For how to reach and sustain the best RTO performance for your RTO.
  • Students + Clients
    Identify your ideal target market type and meet student needs.
  • Industry + Networking
    Nothing was achieved in isolation. Create networks with the industry that will propel your RTO forward.
  • Systems + Practices
    Identify and take advantage of changing training practices and use technology to automate your systems, SOPs, frameworks and processes.
  • Training Products
    Get you and your RTO into the training products that will grow your business.
  • Financial Viability
    Successful RTOs know their numbers and identify the critical drivers of their business by setting KPIs.
  • Quality + Compliance
    Get you off the merry-go-round of managing compliance and business success.

10:00am to 11:30am

Delivered Live and Online

$44 per Person

Who Should attend?

  • Vivacity clients, past and present
  • Management staff and CEO’s of RTO’s
  • Management staff and PEO’s of CRICOS providers
  • Business Development Managers


This workshop is delivered online, twice a year

$44 per person

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