In this episode, Glin Bayley, a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, shares her insights looking at leadership and the mindset of what leaders need right now during the Covid-19 situation

She also discusses her leadership method, a framework for self leadership called the HEART Method, an important structure for actual, strong, self leadership through aligning your heart and your mind together.

In this episode:

  • Who Glin is and what she does.
  • She is the CEO and Founder of Heart of Human. She is also a leadership consultant and executive coach. She works predominantly with female leaders in corporate at the executive level to help them have the leadership impact they desire.
  • What was Glin doing and working with clients before Covid-19?
  • Glin does one-on-one coaching or group leadership programs for female executives in their corporate offices. Covid-19 changed things dramatically.
  • What has been the biggest challenge to the business since Covid-19?
  • “At this time, what when most people are in survival mode, they (leaders) seem to recognise personal growth, development, and investment in their teams as discretionary spends.”
  • “What I find most curious is at the time when the environment is the most challenging and businesses are going through the most difficult time, leadership’s need for strength and confidence to be able to lead with less uncertainty is critical.”
  • “One interesting challenge is re-education of taking leaders out of a ‘wait-and-see’ mindset into ‘take-action-now’ to support your team through this period.”
  • Glin admits that her technical skills and know-how are limited in leveraging technology considering that most of her work before was delivered face to face. She considers this as a  personal challenge for her.
  • “What we foresee is going to happen is a lot of people will not return back to their offices. So in the future, we’re going to need different mechanisms, particularly for delivery of training.”
  • “What happens in this interim period is going to reset a new norm for this environment where I think there will be a mixture of virtual and face to face. But there’ll be more capability in virtual than there’s ever been because of this period in time.” 
  • What were the hurdles that Glin faced and how did she overcome them? 
  • “When you’re making decisions in uncertainty, you need strong leaders to do that from a place of calmness, clarity, and considered decision making.”
  • “My vision of my business is all around helping female leaders claim their seat at the table.”
  • “I’m a big believer in playing to your strengths and knowing what your limits are. In order to drive performance, that’s what leadership needs.”
  • What does Glin think would be important areas that leaders now need to focus on?
  • The 5 Components of the HEART Method: Hope, Energy, Action, Resilience, Trust.
  • “Having a map of the destination you want to go to doesn’t get you there. You have to actually take the steps to move you forwards.”
  • “What distinguishes between good leaders and those that follow are actually those that have cultivated resilience”
  • “What we know for certain is that there is nothing certain in life.”
  • “Being able to trust yourself, being able to trust others, being able to trust them, the environment around you is critical.”
  • Glen talks about her biggest achievement as of the moment.
  • What are the opportunities that Glin has identified through all of this?
  • Glin recognises that having systems and processes in place for her business can set her up for success beyond Covid. She also acknowledges that technology opened her business for a more global reach.
  • “Training organisations need to recognise that they have to take the lead. “
  • “When businesses are in the business of doing what they do, they don’t have the head space to step out and think what the future vision needs to be for the longer term.”
  • Where does Glin see her business in 6 to 12 months time?
  • How will Glin’s business be different from what she was doing before?
  • “What I’m excited about most is to say, ‘How do I scale my business now that I’m leveraging more online solutions?’, which means I could do more with less.”
  • “I think there’s a lot of so many opportunities for so many businesses and particularly working in the training industry, where we really, right now, need to get our training out there. “
  • How does Glin keep motivated every day?
  • “I choose to do things that I’m inspired by every day.”