In today’s Education in Isolation Podcast, I interview Marc Ratcliffe, CEO of MRWED Training and Assessment, and a multi-award-winning trainer, author and education entrepreneur.

Marc delivers Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and PD for Trainers and Assessors. When COVID hit, Marc was stuck in the US and has been there ever since, running his RTO from Minnesota.

Marc shares his views on professional training and his firm belief that having fun while learning and getting help from a professional trainer can lead to future success. 

Marc has been serving the VET sector for 25 years so far and he strongly advocates for ‘edutainment’.

In this episode:


  • Marc says it’s our responsibility to push ourselves forward and become the best versions of ourselves. This is precisely what his organisation aims for; making sure people are capable enough to realise their true worth.
  • People often do not understand the real importance of training. Trained professionals do better in organisations than those who are unsure about their designation.
  • MRWED focuses on finding the creative side in all individuals and building a rewarding career.
  • During COVID-19, the biggest challenge was to kick start the organisation after a massive break. Keeping the team motivated was nerve-wracking and came with its own challenges. However, as the CEO, Marc tried to shift everyone’s focus towards the prize.
  • Due to the pandemic, anxiety started building up in clients and Marc’s team had to support them the best way they could. After all, understanding your client’s needs and helping them sort their issues leads to better training.
  • Communication is often overlooked. As a business owner, Marc reminds clients about the importance of communicating their ideas. This is the lifeblood of any organisation.
  • People are born with a thirst for professional development and training. They are always on the lookout for a better opportunity that encourages and motivates them to move forward.
  • Training becomes easy when people are willing to go through the motions. Without being dedicated to a dynamic way of learning, one cannot expect to succeed efficiently.
  • Engagement strategies bring out the best in individuals, giving them the ability to control over their goals better.
  • When times were tough, many people took care of Marc and his team. When times are bad, Marc considers it their responsibility to care for those who are willing to give it their all.
  • Marc saw the hidden opportunity in the training industry and grabbed it with both hands, exactly what he expects from others to polish their lives.
  • Marc is a firm believer in taking creative breaks in life. Every now and then, he showcases his artistic side and encourages others to do the same.