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Finally, an RTO Consultant that helps you to grow your RTO


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Imagine if you could have a team of RTO experts on your side!

Most people start an RTO because they are passionate about the training industry, and because they want more money, more time and more freedom. However it can seem that you end up in a neverending circle of trying to get the balance between compliance and business success. The fact is that only 3% of RTO owners will go on to achieve complete time and money freedom.

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9 Reasons Why Vivacity is Australia's #1 RTO Business Growth Program

Yes, we know that there are many RTO Consultants out there, but NONE of them give you access to the exceptional value offered to you by Vivacity. Here are just some of the services you access as a member of Vivacity.

30+ Years of Experience

Our team has extensive experience in the training industry

400+ Audits

Our team has attended over 400 audits, including ASQA Audits and internal audits

Compliant Documents

Access over 80 documents, that are branded to your RTO, which have been audit tested. We guarantee that our documents are compliant, if they are not, we will fix them free of charge.

500+ Training Videos

Need help with compliance and RTO business? Get exclusive access to our step-by-step training

Monthly Compliance Webinar

Every month we cover a couple of the Standards for RTOs to ensure that you are continually learning and growing.

Professional Development

Each month you access a full-day workshop online covering the critical compliance areas for your RTO, including RTO & CRICOS Compliance, Online Learning, Stellar Trainers Matrix, and many more

8 Critical Drivers to RTO Success

Every month we go indepth into each critical driver for your RTO, so that you can avoid wasting time and money, in our live webinar

Annual Strategic Planning

Lets face it, we cannot survive on compliance alone, that is why we work with you to build your annual Strategic Plan for growing and scaling your RTO

Weekly Accountability Masterminds

You are not alone anymore. Join the Leaders in VET at our weekly Mastermind, whereby we keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

We cannot survive on compliance alone

Managing your compliance can be a very big drain on any RTO, that is why we make managing your compliance easy within your RTO, by being fully supported through monthly Masterminds to not only focus on compliance, but also your RTO success.

We have had some incredible results with our clients, with our most recent stating:

“We are very happy to just done a record month in sales for our company. Our first $500K month ever!!!”

Would you like to get the same results?

Membership Options

Download the Membership Brochure to learn more about what is included within our membership Packages

Why Vivacity?

Join a community of VET Professionals who are passionate about education and are driven to grow their RTO. Vivacity is more than a membership, it is a big family where everyone shares similar values, is familiar with your journey and is looking to help each other.

Are you ready to grow your RTO?

Everything you need to grow and scale your business, making compliance, time and money easier for you and your team


Audit-tested policies, procedures, documentation and forms


Exclusive Live Monthly Compliance Training for your team


Small intimate group coaching and mastermind sessions whre you get to learn from the challenges and opportunities experienced by RTO Leaders


Access to a team of RTO and CRICOS specialists


Online Training for your team in both Business + Compliance


Strategic planning tools and training to grow and scale your business


Comprehensive resources, templates and training library covering all aspects of running your RTO


We will keep you accountable, because who on your team can do that now?

The Vivacity Team Takes Care of You

Running an RTO / CRICOS business is tough and was even before coronavirus. Without all the added and increasing government regulations. In fact, ASQA has closed a fifth of them due to non-compliance at audit over the last five years.

Vivacity helps save clients, like you, time – and your business! Decades of experience has given them the knowledge to develop a range of packages to suit your needs.

Vivacity Membership even turns the challenges that come with compliance into chances for your RTO / CRICOS business to grow. Rather than getting stuck.

Whether you need professional development for administration and training staff. Or you are looking to scale your organisation with full support in compliance and business, you will never regret making the call.

Compliance + Business

We just don’t focus on compliance because, lets face it, an RTO cannot survive on compliance alone. We coach you in the business side of your RTO, as well as help you manage your compliance.

As we want to ensure that you get the Consult Membership that suits you and your RTO,
we would like to invite you to a discovery call

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If any of our Policies, Procedures and/or documentation is not 100% compliant, Vivacity will rectify them at no additional charge. This is our continuous improvement process.

Vivacity Guarantee

“I know I have Vivacity in my back pocket if I ever need them for an ASQA Audit, but it’s all the additional support that we receive from Vivacity in our Membership, like the weekly Mastermind and online training, that has had the biggest impact on our RTO.”

Kylie Jordan – Ettinghausens Pro
Programs Coordinator | 2018 – Present