In this episode, Mike shares his insights on how he’s changed his business model in this pandemic time, how he is delivering training now, and how he’s adjusted his mindset, which is where so many people need to focus now.

Mike has 20 years of background in the training industry helping entrepreneurs stand out in highly competitive marketplaces. He is also the head of the State of Queensland for the Key Persons of Influence Methodology for Dent Global which is designed to show business owners how to really stand out and scale up so they could make their Dent in the universe.

As their business relies heavily on live in-person events, Mike and the team at Dent have had to make significant adjustments to how they do business.

In this episode:

  • Who Mike is and what he does
  • Mike has a 20 year background in the training industry helping entrepreneurs stand out in highly competitive marketplaces
  • How he was delivering training before the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Workshops and training were geographically constrained.
  • They handle promotional workshops, introductory sessions, in-depth strategy sessions, open workshops, and more.
  • Currently, events are broken down into territorial geographical regions and have shifted into online events.
  • “Numbers have been picking up. Registration is more at the moment.”
  • “We had to redesign programs and make sure they are super engaging because, obviously, everybody’s there at home or in their facility.”
  • “People have been loving it (online events) because they don’t have to travel anywhere. They could do it from the convenience of their own place, but it also just creates another dynamic environment.”
  • “We could provide more context and framing for each person in the session which is why I think people are really enjoying it.”
  • Are more people asking questions than they would in the live, face-to-face sessions?
  • What has been the biggest challenge in the business since Covid-19?
  • “Everything needs to be reworked. It’s almost like recreating a business the first time you’re doing it. You’re having to rethink everything as opposed to, you know, when you’re business as usual. “
  • What were the hurdles that he faced and how did he overcome them?
  • Mike finally had the time to focus on setting his office space at his home and launching his podcast called Queensland Business Influencers.
  • “Remove the word ‘Online’ and consider that you’re just being more convenient. You’re meeting people where they’re at. You’re closer. You’re more connected. You’re more engaged for them because you’re making it more convenient.”
  • Reflecting back, what does Mike believe has been his biggest achievement?
  • “The top achievement is making sure that the hard work of adapting is working.
  • “Fresh innovation has been brought to events.
  • Where does Mike see himself and how will the business operate in six months time?
  • “If things did move online again, it would give us the ability to be able to engage with people anywhere
  • “The Five Pillars of Influence: Pitching, Publishing, Product, Profile, and Partnerships.
  • According to Tim Dwyer, there’s 3% of business owners now that choose to stand up, not hide away. It’s these 3% that actually adopt the new technologies now that then become the pioneers over the next 12 months.
  • “Through adversity, leaders are born.”
  • “With the training industry it’s so important that we keep going, keep moving forward.’
  • What keeps Mike motivated everyday?
  • “I just keep finding ways to keep myself vital. Fresh. And it’s really helping. And reverse engineering the future is the best way for doing that.”
  • “Where the focus goes, the energy flows.” – Tony Robbins
  • “We need to make sure we get our clients online because the only way they’re going to survive is by being online.”
  • “You want to step in the 3% club. That’s the decision people have to make and expect to be challenging because nothing worthwhile is ever easy.”
  • “More million dollar, billion dollar companies are created in a recession than in any time in history.”