ASQA’s Strategic Focus: Navigating Through Risk Priorities to Uphold VET Excellence

In its unwavering commitment to elevating the standards of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has identified key risk priorities that are central to its regulatory strategy. These priorities are crucial in addressing the challenges and leveraging the opportunities within the VET sector, ensuring that the quality of education and training remains unparalleled.

Risk Priorities in Focus

  1. Student Work Placement: ASQA recognises the importance of practical, hands-on experience in vocational education. Ensuring the quality and relevance of work placements is critical for student readiness in their respective fields.
  2. Academic Integrity: Upholding academic integrity is paramount. ASQA’s emphasis on this area ensures that the qualifications issued by RTOs reflect genuine learning and achievement.
  3. Online Delivery: With the increasing prevalence of online learning, ASQA is focused on ensuring that online delivery methods meet the high standards expected in face-to-face training environments.
  4. Shortened Course Duration: ASQA monitors course durations to safeguard against unduly shortened courses that compromise learning outcomes and the integrity of VET qualifications.
  5. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): ASQA ensures that RPL processes are rigorous and consistent, recognising learners’ existing skills and knowledge while maintaining educational standards.
  6. VET Workforce Capability: The capability of the VET workforce is crucial for delivering quality education. ASQA’s focus on this area aims to support the ongoing development and competency of trainers and assessors.
  7. International Delivery: For RTOs offering courses to international students or offshore, ASQA ensures that the quality of delivery matches that of domestic training, upholding Australia’s reputation in global education.
  8. Governance Through Change: ASQA recognises the challenges of maintaining quality governance during periods of change. Its focus on this area supports RTOs in managing transitions effectively without compromising educational standards.

Setting Our Risk Priorities

ASQA’s approach to setting risk priorities involves a comprehensive analysis of the sector’s landscape, identifying areas where regulatory focus can most effectively enhance the quality of VET delivery. This strategic alignment ensures that ASQA’s efforts are targeted and impactful, addressing both current and emerging risks.

Engaging with Previous Risk Priorities and Strategy Documents

Reflecting on previous risk priorities and strategy documents allows ASQA to build on its regulatory framework, adapting and evolving its strategies to meet the sector’s needs. This ongoing analysis supports continuous improvement in regulatory practices and the overall quality of VET in Australia.


ASQA’s risk priorities represent a focused effort to address key areas critical to the integrity and excellence of VET delivery. By strategically targeting these areas, ASQA not only safeguards the quality of vocational education but also supports the sector’s adaptability and responsiveness to change. For Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), understanding and aligning with these priorities is essential for achieving compliance and contributing to the sector’s overall excellence and sustainability.

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