Online Training Superhero

Have you transitioned your training to online yet?

In this one day workshop, you will identify the steps to get your training online

Because compliance is the bedrock of an RTO’s success, this workshop gives you critical information and tools to keep your business flying.

Meet an experienced auditor, who takes you through every Standard, and what compliance means for you and your RTO.

RTO compliance Consultation services

Event Details:


Get the tools, techniques and technology to take your training online, without the frustration around where to start or how to do it. This training is delivered in simple steps and broken down to key areas and where you should focus to develop your online course.

This step-by-step online training on how to get transition your face-to-face training to online, will provide you with the skills and knowledge to get you up and going ASAP, to long term strategies for online training

This is the Rescheduled 9 June Workshop.

Here’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you complete the workshop:

  • Research your market and identify a need, so you can pick the course topics that your target customers want to learn about most  
  • Create a clear and logical structure for your course with course goals, high priority modules, key steps, and key content  
  • Write results-focused learning objectives and learning activities that ensure your students will take action and implement what you’re teaching 
  • Build engagement, interaction, and accountability into your course  
  • Select the best media formats for your course, so that you can create your content quickly AND give your students the most effective learning experience  
  • Identify and create the distinct types of content and resources you need for your course, including course book, worksheets, media scripts, text, video, and audio 
  • Set an appropriate price for your course and a system for accepting payments 
  • Choose your course delivery platform, and schedule your course for delivery 
  • Run an engaging, results-focused online course that leads to happy, successful students who sing your praises  
  • Measure your results and gather feedback from your students, so that you can continue to develop and improve your course 

10:00am to 11:30am

Delivered Live and Online

$150 per Person

Who Should attend?

  • Vivacity clients, past and present
  • Management staff and CEO’s of RTO’s
  • Management staff and PEO’s of CRICOS providers
  • Business Development Managers


This workshop is delivered online, twice a year

$150 per person