We help you to get compliant and stay compliant, taking away the stress of compliance so that you can focus on business

“Don’t be another ASQA statistic in 2022”

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Beyond Compliance…
Vivacity Takes You Higher

ASQA has closed over a fifth of RTOs and CRICOS institutions following audits over the last five years.

And rules and regulations can change and often do.

The smallest non-compliant step can catch you out

Don’t let the demands of running a training business overwhelm you!

Who can you call? Who can you turn to?

Turn to the RTO superheroes


Not a consultant working solo, but a team of RTO experts with the experience that helps you get compliant and stay compliant.

Alone, the work of an RTO and all the compliance is tough.

With Vivacity, learn to fly.

We help you to get compliant and stay compliant with our consultation services

We 100% guarantee our Policies, Procedures and documentation, if they are not compliant we will rectify the tools as part of the package “at no extra charge.”