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Vivacity’s Accredited Course Package: Your Course, Nationally Recognised

Transform Your Unique Course into a Nationally Recognised Powerhouse with ASQA Accreditation!


The 5-Step Journey to ASQA Accreditation with Vivacity

Embark on a seamless journey to national recognition with Vivacity’s Accredited Course Package. We guide you through ASQA’s 5-step accreditation process, ensuring your course not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Step 1 – VET Course Concept: The Birth of Your Course Idea

What ASQA Requires

A course concept that meets eligibility requirements.

Evidence of real industry need, target group, projected enrolment numbers, and stakeholder engagement.

How Vivacity Helps

Assist in crafting a compelling course concept that aligns with ASQA’s eligibility criteria.

Conduct industry research to validate the need for your course.

Facilitate stakeholder consultation to build support for your course.

Step 2 – Course Development: Crafting Your Masterpiece

What ASQA Requires

A fully developed course using the national course document template.

Evidence of stakeholder consultation

How Vivacity Helps

Guide you in using the national course document template.

Help you consult with key stakeholders and industry experts.

Offer support in developing business units as required.

Step 3 – Course Submission: Unleashing Your Course to the World

What ASQA Requires

A completed application for course accreditation.

A completed course document and supporting documents.

How Vivacity Helps

Prepare your complete application package, including the course document in Word format.

Guide you through the submission process and clarify assessment fees.

Step 4 – Application Assessment: The Moment of Truth

What ASQA Requires

A complete application that meets the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2021 and the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Evidence of real industry need, target group, projected enrolment numbers, and stakeholder engagement.

How Vivacity Helps

Liaise with your assigned ASQA assessor.

Address any areas of non-compliance and assist in revisions.

Help you prepare a rectification response summary form, if needed.

Step 5—The Decision: Your Course’s Destiny

What ASQA Requires

Compliance with all standards and frameworks.

How Vivacity Helps

Confirm your course owner number and course code.

Assist in adding the accredited course to your RTO’s scope of registration.

Guide you through the process if other RTOs wish to deliver your course.

Are You Ready to Make Your Course a National Sensation?

With Vivacity, you’re not just ticking boxes; you’re creating a course that transforms lives and industries. We go above and beyond to ensure your course gains the national recognition it deserves.