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Your Unique Course + Our Expertise =
National Recognition for your Own Idea.

Gain Recognition

Accreditation with ASQA increases your course’s value with students and to your RTO.

Can you imagine what more your RTO could do if your unique course gained national recognition from ASQA? 

Minimise the risk of ASQA rejecting a license to drive your unique idea.

We help you clear the confusion over what ASQA wants to see. And help you identify the industry, legal or community need your course meets. 

Get more out of your unique course.
Get Vivacity’s Accredited Course Package

When Vivacity helps you win ASQA accreditation, your course becomes nationally recognised.

Your accreditation certifies that your course meets established industry, enterprise, legal or community needs. That it provides your students with appropriate competencies, a satisfactory basis for assessment and aligns to the Australian Qualification Framework.

 Most of all, your accreditation shows that the course meets national quality assurance requirements.

Vivacity has helped RTOs gain accreditation for courses ranging from Pilates to Air Crash Investigations

Most people don’t realise how much work goes into accreditation.

Done alone, the process of applying to ASQA can feel overwhelming.

That’s where you utilise the experience and expertise of the Vivacity to minimise the risk of all your hard work going to waste.

This package provides you with help over each of the five stages for accreditation.

The 5 Stages of ASQA accreditation

Are you ready?
Would you like to be?

"We had our course successfully reaccredited thanks in large part to Vivacity and their highly experienced staff. (so major recommendation there…..RESULTS were achieved!).

We also greatly appreciated the smoothness of the Vivacity systems and the way that each member of the Vivacity Team knew what to do and handled our questions along the way with the ultimate level of professionalism.

There were more than one Vivacity team members who worked on our case along the way- each with different skills and areas of expertise and we really appreciated this. Sometimes a small RTO like ours gets allocated the ‘rookie’ because we are not a large client- but this didn’t happen with Vivacity and we really appreciated that."

Dr Kevin Redd ~ CEO, Tensegrity Training
Accredited Course Package | 2019