Vivacity’s AddOn Package:

Your ASQA-Compliant Pathway to Expanding Your RTO’s Scope

Ready to Amplify Your RTO’s Offerings? Let’s Navigate the ASQA Maze Together!



Compliant Way

Adding new training products to your RTO’s scope is a complex process, governed by ASQA’s risk-based approach. Vivacity’s AddOn Package is designed to align with ASQA’s key considerations, ensuring a smooth application process and long-term compliance.

Your Compliance Superheroes at Work

Meeting ASQA’s Criteria

Beyond the Application

Preparing for ASQA’s Performance Assessment

Your AddOn Package Inclusions

Tailored to ASQA Requirements

Ready to Expand Your Product Range?

With Vivacity’s AddOn Package, you’re not just adding to your scope; you’re ensuring that your expansion is compliant, sustainable, and aligned with ASQA’s rigorous standards.

Elevate Your RTO with Vivacity

By choosing Vivacity, you’re choosing a team that embodies quality over quantity, ethical integrity, and a commitment to going above and beyond. So, are you ready to elevate your RTO to new heights of excellence?
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