Unveil the Secrets
of Your Next RTO Purchase with Vivacity’s Due Diligence Package

Are You Ready to Buy an RTO? Let’s Make Sure It’s a Heroic Decision!


Be Your Own Hero: Minimise Risks with Expert Guidance

Before you swoop in to acquire that alluring RTO, let’s ensure there are no hidden supervillains—like non-compliances or illegal operations—that could jeopardise your mission. Our Due Diligence Package is your trusty sidekick, offering you a comprehensive audit report and risk assessment to guide your decision-making process.



We’re not just auditors; we’re your Compliance Avengers! Our package doesn’t just stop at professional advice and external audits. We arm you with the tools to conquer any compliance challenges that stand in your way.

the power of

External audits

Our audit is your X-ray vision into the vendor’s compliance health. Post-audit, you’ll receive an in-depth report that reveals any hidden traps or treasures, helping you make an informed decision.

the risk of

flying solo

From risking your registration to inheriting a legacy of non-compliance, the dangers are real. But with Vivacity by your side, you can navigate through the storm safely.

Vivacity’s Superpowers

Complexity Simplified

We decode the compliance enigma for you.


We spotlight the risks and how to counter them.


Benefit from our years of industry experience.


Know exactly what you’re getting into, in plain English.

Ready for More?

For those seeking to go beyond, we offer a Full Due Diligence Package, complete with transfer of ownership assistance, internal audits, and ASQA audit coaching.

Be the hero of your own story

Don’t leave your RTO purchase to chance. Take our obligation-free Micro Audit quiz to identify potential non-compliances before you make your move.