SystemsCheck Package

From internal audit to action plan

Does your RTO need a checkup?

How is your RTO compliance looking? An internal audit is the best way to get a snapshot. But how do you fix your non-compliances?

The best way to improve your RTO is with our SystemsCheck Package. You receive two days of coaching alongside an internal audit, with a detailed action plan to help you follow through.

During the audit you get our advice, born from our extensive experience, on how to best prepare for an ASQA audit. We don’t just find the problems. We can give you the solutions.

Without a thorough SystemsCheck how do you know what you don’t know?

You’re up for re-registration or you don’t know how to process a complaint.

Anything that can trigger an ASQA audit can put at risk:

  • Your whole organisation’s survival
  • The money you’ve invested
  • The training and assessment you deliver
  • The satisfaction of your students

Have non-compliance practices become bad habits? How can you tell?

Because what would happen if ASQA cancelled your registration, and you had to refund all of your students’ cancelled certificates?

What strings of non-compliance are tangling up your RTO’s engine?

Vivacity’s SystemsCheck package calls in the superhero team for your RTO.

The team’s vast experience in checking over qualifications in industries ranging from air crash investigation to forklift licensing to hairdressing to yoga and Pilates means you get the best fresh eyes in the industry.

Internal Audit to Action Plan, getting your RTO on track!

7 key areas of focus:

SystemsCheck includes an internal audit, where we bring in an experienced auditor to simulate the ASQA process. We coach you and your team what you can expect, and what you need to do, when an audit takes place.

Our iAuditor software conducts on online audit on your documentation, policies and processes, and sends you the actions you need to take.

Our internal audit identifies the habits you need to break.

When you leave compliance to less experienced staff, you risk focussing on the wrong issues instead of the issues that an ASQA audit will identify. Imagine the hours and energy lost. Imagine the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with non-compliance.

Learn how to improve your RTO.

In the end, a SystemsCheck is not just about compliance. It’s about improving how you run. Increasing the value of your RTO to you, your trainers and your students.

Learn what you need to overcome.

Learn what it feels like to have the security of an action plan in simple English.

What will happen if you leave it too late?

Untangle the string! Get things clear!

"We had our course successfully reaccredited thanks in large part to Vivacity and their highly experienced staff. (so major recommendation there…..RESULTS were achieved!).

We also greatly appreciated the smoothness of the Vivacity systems and the way that each member of the Vivacity Team knew what to do and handled our questions along the way with the ultimate level of professionalism.

There were more than one Vivacity team members who worked on our case along the way- each with different skills and areas of expertise and we really appreciated this. Sometimes a small RTO like ours gets allocated the ‘rookie’ because we are not a large client- but this didn’t happen with Vivacity and we really appreciated that."

Dr Kevin Redd ~ CEO, Tensegrity Training
Accredited Course Package | 2019