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Why Venture into the ASQA Jungle Alone? Assemble Your RTO Superhero Team with Vivacity!

Navigating the ASQA maze can feel like a Herculean task. But don’t fret! Vivacity’s KickStart Package is your ultimate guide, ensuring you’re not just compliant but a shining beacon in the RTO landscape

Your ASQA-Proof Armour

Get a dedicated coach throughout your registration journey, ensuring you’re ASQA-ready from day one.

Decades of Heroic Wisdom

With over 20 years of experience, we’re not just ticking boxes; we’re crafting an RTO legacy that even ASQA would salute.

Your Personal Compliance Oracle

Our KickStart Package is your shield against ASQA’s rigorous standards. From financial viability to training quality, we’ve got your back.

Membership Perks

Each KickStart Package includes a 12-month Vivacity Membership, providing support throughout your important RTO journey.

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Gold Package

For the experienced compliance officers who aim to be not just compliant but exemplary.

Ruby Package

For those who need extra help with ASQA’s evidence requirements. Ideal for organisations with a dedicated but inexperienced compliance officer.

Sapphire Package

New to the training industry? Get extensive business and compliance support, including monthly webinars tailored to ASQA’s standards.

Diamond Package

For the solo adventurers or small teams. Get one-on-one consultations, weekly Mastermind sessions, and additional support days to fast-track your RTO setup.

Membership Includes

All our KickStart Packages includes our Superhero Membership of 12 months Membership with Vivacity, so that we are by your side in the most critical time of your registration.

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