ReBoot Package

Update your systems and processes with ASQA-audit-tested tools and our team of experts

What Bugs have gotten into your Compliance?

Does your RTO Need a ReBoot?

Up for re-registration? 

Worried that your team does not understand compliance? 

Need to get the bugs out of your RTO’s systems that have crept in since the last audit?

Vivacity helps you get back on track. We teach your team. We coach you through your ASQA audit.

You start to enjoy your work again.

Turn the problem of compliance into an opportunity to get running bug-free again. Our expert team will get you to 100% Compliant and help you stay there.

With updated systems and processes that are compliant and ASQA-audit-tested, your RTO gets a ReBoot. 

ReBoot your RTO – get compliant and stay compliant

We brand all your documentation for your RTO, saving you time and money, so you can focus on the business of training.


Percentage of RTO's non-compliant at audit

“What’s in the ReBoot Package”

Professional Development

Live Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Get access to our compliance, business and marketing experts, to improve your business operations.

Monthly Live RTO + CRICOS Webinars

Each month you will get access to key insights and the latest compliance requirements against the Standards, from our experience at ASQA Audits

RTO Compliance Course

Help your staff understand their compliance responsibilities. Include a Standards for RTO review, and training on how to use your forms, and how to implement our policies and procedures.

Assessment Validation Course

Get clear about what ASQA requires of your assessment tool, and what ASQA does to validate your tools at audit. The first half of the day teaches your staff how to validate, followed by hands-on validating an assessment tool in the second half.

Reignite your Training & Assessment Strategies

  • Vivacity provides the tools for you to reboot your TAS
  • Help with Industry Consultation
  • Choosing the best assessment tools for you
  • Giving you a Delivery and Assessment Plan template, and ideas on how to complete it
  • The unbelievably useful Staff Matrix, that helps you map your trainers’ skills and qualifications against the training qualifications you offer. We review your Staff Matrix to ensure you meet ASQA requirements

Prepare with a Mock Audit – a dress rehearsal at your premises of what happens on the big day. Find out what preparations you still need to make for audit – not when ASQA arrive!

Coaching before and when ASQA Audit you – Vivacity’s expert advice helps you be ready. We help you with an Experienced Auditor who will attend your ASQA Audit and is able to coach you right through the requirements on the day of your audit.

Get Straight on what needs Rectification – if there are any bugs still in the system, we give you an Action Plan for their removal. Clear instructions give you what you need to do to meet compliance.

Because Vivacity Means a Team of Experts

Call Vivacity because the team know and love the training industry, with experience not only in consulting RTOs but running them too.

We know what great training means to people. We know what it means to communities. And we know what your RTO struggles and challenges can be.

That’s why we have developed the services you need to get and stay compliant.

  • Expert Advice
  • Assessment Tool Guidance
  • Webinars in RTO Compliance
  • Audit-tested Documentation
  • Exclusive Compliance Courses

Discover what it means to have an RTO superhero on your side.

Don’t wait for your system to crash – ReBoot your RTO now.

If any of our Policies, Procedures and/or documentation is not 100% compliant, Vivacity will rectify them at no additional charge. This is our continuous improvement process.

Vivacity Guarantee

Ready for More?

For those seeking to go beyond, we offer a Full Due Diligence Package, complete with transfer of ownership assistance, internal audits, and ASQA audit coaching.