Complaints and Appeals Register

A complaints and appeals register is crucial for managing your Complaints and Appeals Process. A register for recording action on complaints

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Complaints Register Template

The RTO will ensure that all grievances are dealt with in a timely and fair manner by utilising a mechanism to allow students and staff to submit a complaint through the Complaints and Appeals process. This mechanism is outlined within the Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure. A clear process for submitting a complaint is included within the Student Handbook and the Trainers Handbook.

the complaints Register template is used for recording complaints against the rto, another student, a Trainer/Assessor, or a third-party.

The RTO has in place a register for filing completed Complaints and Appeals forms. When a complaint or appeal is received, the form collected is to be entered into the Complaints and Appeals Register and given a register number.

Complaints and Appeals that are placed into the register are reviewed and monitored each month at the monthly Quality & Compliance Meeting.

This register is provided for all Complaints and Appeals Forms to be recorded once completed and actioned. Form updated to include "Drop-down" menus for "Who is complaining" and "Complaint Against"

Evidence to demonstrate the effective management and resolution of concerns, complaints and appeals could include:

  • information about how prospective and current students, staff and third parties are advised of the policy and process
  • information about staff professional development in relation to the complaints and appeals policy and effective responses/management
  • data about complaints and appeals that shows how complaints and appeals are monitored and reviewed to ensure timeliness, identify systemic issues and improve your RTO’s operations and services
  • a complaints register that shows:
    • records of actions taken to address the root cause of complaints
    • minutes of staff meetings at which actions arising from complaints were agreed
    • changes made to your RTO’s systems as a result of reviewing complaints and appeals.

For more information regarding the standards for Complaints and Appeals, refer to:


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