Stellar Trainer Scorecard – Launched

This month we released our new Stellar Training Scorecard. The Stellar Trainer Scorecard is designed to help Trainers and Assessors to understand the key skills and knowledge to be a compliant and an outstanding Trainer. By completing the scorecard Trainers will have a complete understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as a Trainer and Assessor.

The scorecard measures the Trainers skills and knowledge against the “Five Elements of a Stellar Trainer”. Upon completion of the scorecard the Trainer will receive a full report of how they were benchmarked against the 5 elements, as well as being provided with suggestions on how to improve their score.

The feedback has been absolutely awesome, as this tool is a game changer for the training industry.

Sharmin Qazi stated “I must say it was an eye opener! The scorecard is so easy to read & it instantly gives a clue while reading where the exact gaps are! I hae come across trainers who think anyone and everyone can simply deliver a unit and become a trainer!! Moreover they also think that a person who has simply completed some qualifications can be assigned to develop assessments without having any TAE, or without having zero understanding about unit mapping and or elements of criteria !!! This is simply a wonderful story telling which clearly projects the very difference between just a trainer & a stellar ! Thank you for enlightening us through your scorecard research.”

We developed the scorecard in response to the high level of non-compliances we have seen at audit due to Trainers and Assessors currency and sufficiency. The questions cover the key areas that we have identified as non-compliant at an ASQA Audit.

Our goal at Vivacity is to develop training programs for trainers that will fill the weaknesses based on the data we collect from the Scorecard.

If you would like to know more, or even share the scorecard with your colleagues, here is a link:

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