Unmask your RTO

Strategic Planning Retreat exclusive to Vivacity Members, getting your RTO on track for 2021

Strategic Planning Retreat

Unmask your RTO

Strategic Planning Retreat

This is a Vivacity Members exclusive game-changing event. Join us to implement the strategies you need within your RTO for a successful 2021.

The next three years are going to be crucial to ensure that we are upskilling and retraining the workforce through Recovery and beyond.

Gain clarity on YOUR strategic plan for the next three years, to make the most out of getting Australia out of recession and get people back in the workforce.

VIP, Ruby and Diamond Members gain access to the retreat as part of their membership. 

NOW is the time to take action!


"I wanted to send a big thank you to Angela Connell for her generosity in advice and thoughtfulness. She has been a wonderful asset to my business, Transformational Institute.

I could not recommend her more highly to all RTO’s weather you think you need help or not, her and the team are outstanding. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but a huge thank you to Angela and the Vivacity Team."

Christine Chittenden ~ CEO, Transformational Institute
Membership | 2018 to present