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Welcome to Vivacity Coaching and Consulting, where we specialise in empowering leaders within the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) industry. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Compliance Professional Development

Live and online events for anyone working in the field of RTO or CRICOS Compliance

Business Professional Development

Online Webinars and Events just for the leaders within an RTO, including business training and development

Trainers Professional Development

Online Training and Live Events for Trainers and Assessors, providing professional development in VET Compliance and Facilitation Skills.

RTO Superhero Podcast

Keep up to date with the latest industry updates with the RTO Superhero Podcast, hosted by the CEO and Founder of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting, Angela Connell-Richards

RTO Update MobiMag

Get all the latest updates on the VET sector with our Mobile Magazine, which you can read from any digital device

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