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Season 2, Episode 23

Top 5 Mistakes RTOs Make

About This Episode

Time and again we have had RTO’s who come to us, who are in a state of panic over managing their compliance and meeting the regulatory requirements.

In this episode Angela covers The Top 5 Mistakes RTO’s Make that are easily avoidable and provide strategies that you can implement within your RTO to ensure ongoing compliance.

In this episode:

  1.  Learn the three main reasons where RTO’s go wrong and how to choose the right trainers.
  2.  Learn about the top three non-compliances with assessment tools and what you can do to improve your assessment tools.
  3. Discover the key requirements of your TAS and how to write a tool that is not only compliant, but will provide a guide to your trainers and industry on how you deliver and assess.
  4. We will give you three strategies on how to implement a continuous improvement approach throughout your RTO.
  5. Learn the simple process on how to keep up to date with the constant changes in legislation.

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