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Online Training and Live Events for Trainers and Assessors, providing professional development in VET Compliance and Facilitation Skills.

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Trainers PD Masterclasses

Enhance Your Skills with Our Monthly Trainers PD Masterclass!

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month for a live masterclass designed to meet the real needs of VET trainers. This session will help you close the gap in your professional development and fulfill your VET Trainer PD obligations.

For only $50 per person, gain valuable insights and practical strategies to elevate your training capabilities.

Are You a Stellar Trainer?

Take the Stellar Trainer Scorecard Now!

Elevate your training skills with the Stellar Trainer Scorecard! Designed specifically for trainers and assessors, this scorecard benchmarks your performance against industry standards. Identify your strengths and uncover areas for improvement with instant, actionable feedback. Become the best trainer you can be and make a lasting impact on your students.

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