Season 2, Episode 29

Transition to Online Training

About This Episode

In this episode I cover the process of moving your face to face training to online training. 

With COVID came a lot of challenges to the Training Industry, including the need to transition training to online or remote, all this led to changes that impacted not only the training we deliver, but how we work now and into the future, where the workforce has changed forever.

We really need to identify now, how are we meeting the future needs of education for both the student and industry. The expectations of students has now changed, as now they have an expectation that they will be able to access at least part of their training online. 

What are you doing to meet the needs and the future needs of education and your students? How are you transitioning, be it fully online, or even partially online? 
What are you going to be able to provide in order to move your training with the needs of your students? 

In this episode you will learn the six steps:

  • Planning for Success – Why you need to have a plan in place for traansitioning your face to face training to online
  • Technology and Equipment – What essential technology and equipment you and your students will need to transition to online training
  • Online Delivery Modes – What are the types of delivery modes to use, there is more than just video and a PowerPoint…
  • Communication – how to communicate effectively with your students and team whilst managing the transition to online learning
  • Continuous improvement, and the business opportunities that arise from moving or training to online. 

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