Updating Policies and Procedures to Align with the New Standards

With a clear understanding of the new Standards, it’s time to start updating your policies and procedures. This process can be extensive but is critical to ensure compliance and maintain the quality of your training delivery.

Tip of the Week: Focus on Key Areas

When updating your policies and procedures, focus on the key areas that have undergone significant changes in the new Standards:

  • Training and Assessment: Ensure your training delivery and assessment practices are engaging, well-structured, and aligned with industry needs.
  • Learner Support: Strengthen your policies around learner support, including information provision, training support services, and wellbeing.
  • VET Workforce: Update your workforce planning and development policies to ensure your trainers and assessors have the necessary skills and credentials.
  • Governance: Review your governance structures to ensure effective leadership, accountability, and decision-making processes.

For detailed guidance on the changes, visit the ASQA website.

Action Steps:

  1. Draft Revisions: Begin drafting revisions to your existing policies and procedures, focusing on alignment with the new Standards.
  2. Stakeholder Consultation: Engage with key stakeholders, including staff and industry partners, to gather input and ensure the updates are practical and effective.
  3. Policy Approval: Obtain approval for the revised policies and procedures from your governing body.

For more resources on effective policy updates, check out the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment’s Quality Reforms webpage.

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