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Upskilling Remote Staff Via E-Learning – Lachy Gray Interview

Upskilling Remote Staff Via E-Learning - Lachy Gray

In this episode we will explore the challenges of moving from face-to-face to online training with Lachy Gray, MD of Yarno, providers of remote learning platforms. Lachy and his team help clients to upskill remote staff, so it was a great opportunity to pick his brains about how we can all adapt our training and onboarding during the current crisis. Could COVID be a great catalyst for how we do things in future?

In this episode:


  • How to convert existing learning material into effective E-learning

  • How to get your remote onboarding right

  • The mistakes Lachy has learned from during this crisis

  • How to monitor remote workers effectively

  • Different remote-learning strategies for introverts and extroverts

  • How to enable smooth collaboration between remote workers

  • The importance of social channels outside of the official learning platforms

  • Where learning tools can become performance tools

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