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SideKick Membership

Empower Your Team with Professional Development

Stay ahead of the curve with the SideKick Membership. Access a wide range of online courses designed to meet the new Standards for RTOs, including AI, ChatGPT, Trainers PD, Compliance PD, and Business Growth PD. Our training is delivered by industry experts, ensuring your team remains compliant and equipped with the latest knowledge and skills.

Comprehensive online training

Access a wide range of courses covering compliance, business, and training, all designed to meet the new Standards for RTOs. Our training is delivered by industry experts, ensuring your team stays ahead with the latest knowledge and skills.

Flexible Learning

Complete your training when it suits you, on any digital device. Learn at your own pace, from anywhere, making professional development convenient and accessible for your entire team.

Expert-Led Courses and Webinars

Benefit from courses and live webinars led by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the VET sector. Engage in real-time and get your compliance questions answered.

Recognised PD Certificates

Receive ASQA-recognised Professional Development Certificates upon completing each course. Easily download and track your certificates through your online portal.

Audit-Tested Policies and Procedures

Receive fully compliant, audit-tested policies, procedures, and documentation, ensuring your RTO meets all regulatory requirements effortlessly.

Exclusive Live Compliance Training

Stay up-to-date with the latest standards through our exclusive live monthly compliance training sessions. Ensure your team is always prepared and knowledgeable.

Dedicated Client Success Champion

Gain access to your own dedicated Client Success Champion who will provide regular check-ins and assist with a range of consulting services, including annual SystemsChecks, Assessment Validation, Government Funding, ASQA Audits, and more.

Strategic Planning and Growth Tools

Utilise our strategic planning tools and training to effectively grow and scale your business. Get expert guidance on both compliance and business development.

Superhero Membership

Transform Your RTO with Full Support

Experience unparalleled support and resources with the Superhero Membership. Beyond policies, procedures, and documentation, we provide extensive training on the New Standards for RTOs, AI, ChatGPT, and various PD topics. Engage in strategic planning, mastermind sessions, and receive continuous compliance and business growth training from our team of experts.

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