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With the new Standards for RTOs and the Workforce Development Plan legislation, staying compliant and up-to-date is more crucial than ever. Our SideKick Membership ensures your entire team is on the path to success.

VET Professional Development

Key Benefits of SideKick Membership

Comprehensive Online Training

Covering Compliance, Business, and Training, tailored to meet the needs of your RTO.

Industry Expertise

Engage with experienced auditors and trainers, get your compliance questions answered in real-time.

Recognised Certification

Receive ASQA-recognised Professional Development Certificates upon course completion.

Track Your Progress

Maintain a live log of all your completed courses and certificates for seamless tracking.

More Reasons to Join SideKick Membership

Save Money

Avoid the hefty costs of non-compliance by ensuring your team is fully trained and up-to-date.

Save Time

No need to take a full day off for training. Our courses are broken down into manageable chunks, allowing you to learn and implement as you go.

Enhanced Team Compliance

Ensure that your entire team understands their compliance responsibilities, contributing to your organisation's overall success.

Exclusive Features for Our Members

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