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Keeping up to date with the constant changes within the training industry can be a nightmare, especially if you have not been to an ASQA audit for some time.

We have taken our popular compliance workshops online, delivered by our CEO Angela Connell, a compliance expert who has assisted over 200 clients with their ASQA Audits. From initial registration, addition to scope, re-registration and complaints audits. During these workshops you will learn from first hand experience of what the auditors are expecting, whilst also being very practical to your business.

These are included in some of our membership programs and offered as a service to anyone else who values their content as part of their Professional Development, we issue certificates of attendance ASQA recognises for this purpose.

RTO Compliance Workshop

In this one day workshop we will be breaking down every clause within the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, so that you nail your compliance.

CRICOS Compliance Workshop

As an institute offering training to International Students and responsible for ensuring participants meet their Student Visa requirements, you need to avoid unique pitfalls.

Beyond the changes brought by the National Code 2018, you and your team will gather tools that help you implement a continuous improvement culture. And tools to manage your compliance challenges.

RTO Compliance Solutions

During this workshop you will:

  • learn how to manage your continuous improvement
  • identify the biggest non-compliances with using the AQF and NRT logo’s
  • learn what should be included in your marketing
  • gain a better understanding of how to implement a continuous improvement approach to managing your compliance.
  • be guided through the compliance requirements of every clause from the Standards for Registered Training Organisations
  • learn from an experienced auditor the compliance requirements of each of the clauses within the standards

CRICOS Compliance Solutions

During this workshop you will:

  • learn how the National Code relates to the Standards for RTOs
  • learn how to process for recruiting overseas students
  • understand your responsibilities with meeting Student Visa requirements
  • learn how to comply with the 9B building requirements
  • learn how to ensure your institute is compliant against the ASQA requirements.
  • learn how to engage and monitor Education Agents
  • gain further insights into the National Code 2018
  • gain insights into how to grow your CRICOS organisation.

Compliant Assessment Solutions

ASQA’s number one non-compliance at audit.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • process for recruiting overseas students
  • comply with the 9B building requirements
  • ensure assessment tools meet the Rules of Evidence, Principles of Assessment and Training Product requirements.
  • acquire the necessary skills to facilitate an Assessment Validation session, whilst validating one of your own.
  • ensure assessment tools meet Rules of Evidence and Principles of Assessment
  • ensure that the evidence you collect meets Training Product requirements

VET PD training online

To access all of these live webinar workshops as well as our extensive and ever growing range of VET PD courses, available on our training platform check out our newly released
Vivacity Course Memberships.

All these workshops are accessible to our VIP level of these Course Memberships and are also included as part of our Consult Memberships for Bronze Plus, Gold, Ruby and Diamond.

“The RTO Compliance Course was awesome!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new learning curve I am about to embark on…

the word “audit” has never been more appealing…
bring it on I say!!!”